Luxury Freestanding Baths

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INVEST IN A FREESTANDING BATH and a bathroom ends up being an indulgent and peaceful haven, always all set to use a leisurely soak. The standard cast iron roll-top is among our best-loved bathroom centrepieces; the quality material and attractive great looks make it a long-lasting and striking addition to a bathroom. Sitting on gleaming claw feet and completed on the within with shiny porcelain enamel, the bath can be painted to chime with your decorating scheme.

A variation on the theme is a slipper bath. This neat design has one raised end to rest your back. Freestanding baths are likewise produced in lighter-weight materials such as enamelled steel, copper or brass. Copper has an attracting shine, and a protective finish will ensure no polishing is required. It is utilized mainly for bateau baths with sides that reach the floor to hide the plumbing. When plated in nickel, it positively shines.

MANY CONTEMPORARY BATHS REMAIN IN COMPOSITE AND SOLID SURFACE MATERIALS, made from a mix of ground stone or minerals and hi-tech resins. These can copy traditional curved shapes or create significant new ones. They maintain heat well and scratches can often be polished out, as the colour goes right through. Acrylic baths are light in weight and warm to the touch and keep heat well.

Area Maker

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‘ The trick with a little area is to increase the visible area of the flooring as this develops the impression of extra room,’ states Phil Etherden, managing director at The Albion Bath Business. ‘A slipper bath on feet works perfectly; it has a mild upswept end and generous depth, and can be teamed with an over-bath shower for day-to-day usefulness. When planned carefully, the bath can be placed even in the trickiest of rooms, such as a loft conversion.’

In the navy

‘ A few baths can be hailed as classics and the boat bath, with its unique high sides and roll-top, is a deserving prospect,’ states Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. ‘Baths with this style durability lend themselves to both conventional and contemporary settings. Based upon an original bateau bath, the very first of which is believed to go back to the end of the 19th century in France, our acrylic variation has an almost chameleon quality which allows it to sit anywhere.’

Design Tip

Before choosing a large bath, first, check that you will be able to get it into your bathroom with ease. You’ll need to verify that the doorways and corridors are wide enough and that any staircases can be negotiated safely, as well as any awkward corners you must pass to reach the bathroom.  Also, you need to check if your bathroom roof is strong enough because it might be fragile and you do not want to experience while showering there is a creepy animal fall on to your body right?

Also, it is an excellent spot for asbestos to hide. Asbestos is known for its dangerous effect on human wellness, and due to its microscopic size, it needs to be taken to a laboratory to be analysed. For a quick solution, contact Asbestos Removal Perth that offers a complete and comprehensive service to perform asbestos testing and removal.

Elegant gleam

‘ The stunning silver finish on this bath has been attained by polishing raw cast-iron,’ says Rita Rendo-Castro, head of marketing at Catchpole & Rye. ‘It can take up to a week for among our proficient artisans to polish and buff the surface area to a glimmering sheen. To maintain this finish, we thoroughly seal every bath with a strong, durable lacquer so it will never taint and requires only a wipe with a cloth to maintain its gleam.’

Natural Warm

All frequently modern restrooms can appear clinical, but a proper dosage of oak is an outstanding method to capture the country spirit and generate a character. ‘This freestanding bath will become a real centrepiece in your restroom,’ states Claire Gay, marketing supervisor at Roca. ‘Instead of having timeless feet, the bath is held on a platform made from natural American oak, producing a softer and warmer feel that’s a perfect contrast to the cool appearance of the white steel bath.’.

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