How to Make Hydroponic Plants at Home

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Hydroponics has developed more rapidly since it was first introduced by Dr. WF. Gericke at the University of California, United States. The method of farming without using land is in demand by many people for commercial purposes or limited to hobbies. Now, hydroponics has several systems with the easiest practices to a high degree of difficulty.

Plant hydroponics

This is how to make a hydroponic garden at home :

Prepare tools and materials for hydroponic plant gardens

To make a hydroponic plant garden, you need 3-inch diameter Pipe, plastic cups, parallel bars, Pipe covers, saws, hoses, aquarium pumps, soldering tools, drill tools, water, sponges and hydroponic plant seeds.

Punch Pipe for hydroponic plants

Use a drill to make a hole along the Pipe that has been prepared for hydroponic plants. Adjust the Pipe hole to the size of the plastic cup you will use. Preferably, give a distance of about 20 cm between the holes so that the plants are not squeezed together.

Do the same thing with 1 more Pipe. Cover one end with the lid of the Pipe and connect the other hole with the other Pipe using a Pipe connector. After that, lock the end of the Pipe with the lid of the tube.

Hollow out plastic cups for hydroponic plants

After that, place the plastic cups into the Pipe holes that have been made before. Leave one hole for the liquid hydroponic plant pathway.

Install a water pump for hydroponic plant gardens

Use a hose and water pump to irrigate the hydroponic plants that you will plant later. The way it works will be similar to an irrigation system. This applies if you apply hydroponics to the drip system technique. If you use a wicked technique, you don’t need to use a water pump.
This water pump does not need to be turned on at all times. It’s enough in the morning to save water and electricity. In addition, you also have to look at the water level. Do not let it meet Pipe because plants can die from lack of oxygen.

Put hydroponic plant seeds

If the place is ready, now is the time for you to put hydroponic plant seeds. Prepare a sponge that has been cut to the size of a plastic cup, then place the plant seeds on it.

Next, you only need to put the sponge in each plastic cup. The use of sponges is highly recommended because it can absorb water longer.

Providing nutritional solutions to hydroponic plants

For hydroponic plants to thrive, you need to provide nutrient solutions on a regular basis. You can buy this nutrient solution at the store or make it yourself. To make a nutrient solution for your own hydroponic plants, you can use leaves, bran, livestock manure, brown sugar, bio-activators, and water.

Plants that are suitable for hydroponic plant gardens

Not all plants can thrive by hydroponics. Generally, which is often planted hydroponically are vegetables and fruit. The hydroponic plants that you can plant in your garden and thrive are green mustard, kailan, green lettuce, beans, bitter melon, pokey, spinach, and strawberries. Adjust the size of the Pipe and the distance between the holes with the size of the hydroponic plants that you will plant.


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