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I would like to shout out to the world. Hey! I am here. Call me Aurora. I love that name. My mom gave the name under her craziness over Aurora.

Writing is the thing I love the most in the world, just because it makes me feel good: I can create a world of mine and my many characters to whom I love as if they were real.
What I want most is to send emotions to my readers and to make sure that they too can be attached to at least one character or a place that I have created.

I love working with fantasy and portraying places and situations I imagine, from amusing adventures at sea, to passionate loves and dangerous businesses in distant and fantastic lands.

Another thing I love to do is read. I buy and read books at some stores near my house. My favorite writers are J.K. Rowling, Isabel Allende, Jean Antoine Exupery, who inspired so much in my writing process.

Cinema is another of my favorite pastimes. I like adventure movies and those that hold with the breath suspended.

Design is also my passion. I love interior design. Changing the mood of my room through some hints from interior design magazine or online website is what I am doing recently. Doing DIY for simple product is also fun. It’s amazing how you can magically turn an old stuff into a unique product.

Lastly, dreaming is the thing I can do better and I will never stop doing for myself, for my novels and all the things that I love to do.

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